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These dazzling flower pendants feature beautiful old-cut diamonds that will capture your attention with their sparkle.


Each flower has stunning examples of antique diamonds, a variation of old mine cut, old European cut and rose-cuts, set in their original antique flower settings that are silver and backed in 18-carat gold.


The antique diamonds vary in size, cut, clarity and colour; each one is hand-cut and beautifully unique, with bright sparkles that catch the light fabulously.


Flower 1 features 4 diamonds in total; 2 old mine cut diamonds, 1 old European cut diamond, and 1 rose cut diamond placed at the tip of the highest bud.  The old mine cut diamonds are accentuated by their beautiful yellow colour that contrasts perfectly with the old-European diamond in the central upper bud and the rose-cut diamond placed directly above it. 


Flower 2 featured 5 diamonds in total; one old-European cut diamond on the largest bud, 2 old mine cut diamonds on the mid-sized buds, and 2 rose cut diamonds.  Each diamond on this pendant has a slight variation in colour between white, yellow and champagne, which beautifully complement one another.


Flower 3 features 4 well-matched diamonds; 2 old mine cut diamonds, 1 old European cut diamond on the central bud and 1 rose-cut diamond placed just above it.


Converted from their original design that dates to the Victorian era, we have added handcrafted 18ct gold pendant bails so they can now be worn as charms.

Antique Flower Pendants With Old Mine Cut, Old Cut and Rose Cut Diamonds

PrisFra £730,00
    • Victorian-era conversion pendants
    • Diamonds set in silver and 18-carat gold
    • 18-carat gold pendant bail, approx 5mm diameter, 1mm thick
    • Length (approx): Flower 1 & 3 - 16.5mm, Flower 2  - 23.5mm
    • Width (approx): Flower 1 & 3 - 9.5mm, Flower 2 - 13mm
    • Weight (approx): Flower 1 & 3 - 0.60g, Flower 2 - 0.99g
    • Excellent antique condition


    Unless otherwise stated, any chains, jewellery boxes, and other items photographed with the listed piece are for advertising purposes only and not sold with this piece.

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