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Elevate your necklace layering with this exquisite Victorian book chain collar. Renowned for their versatility, book chain collars make excellent upper layers and serve as a stunning base for any styled necklace look. This particular piece is truly enticing, featuring rare star details on each link—a unique element that adds to its charm.


Crafted in 15-carat gold, this chain has been gilded with high-carat gold, enhancing its yellow gold hue. The stars present a slightly warmer gold colour, likely reflecting the natural 15-carat gold before gilding.  


Dating back to the Victorian era, circa 1900, this chain embodies the intricate craftsmanship and elegance of the period.  Measuring a fabulous 17.5 inches, it offers versatility in styling.


The chain can be worn with either side facing up, offering two distinct looks. One side showcases the star details, while the other side features a more rounded, polished surface.


The removable hidden clasp doubles as a charm holder or connector, allowing you to customise and pair it with other favourite pieces.  


A sweet '15' tag on the end link denotes its 15-carat gold content. Despite its 15-carat gold construction, professional testing shows areas testing closer to 18-carat gold, likely due to the gilding process.


Book chain necklaces were highly popular during the Victorian era. They were often crafted with intricate designs and used as statement pieces. The unique star motifs on this chain reflect the Victorian fascination with celestial themes and intricate metalwork.


This chain's versatile design makes it perfect for various looks. Wear it alone for a classic, elegant statement, or layer it with other necklaces for a modern, stacked appearance. The removable clasp adds functionality, allowing you to personalize it with charms or pendants.


This Victorian book chain collar necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry — it's a piece of history. Its intricate design, dual functionality, and beautiful craftsmanship make it a must-have for any antique jewelry lover. We can't wait to see how you style this fantastic piece!

Antique 15ct Gold Star Link Book Chain Collar Necklace

    • Era: Victorian (circa 1900)
    • Metal: 15-carat gold
    • Chain length: 17.5 inches
    • Chain width: 11mm
    • Weight: 32.3 grams
    • Hallmarks: Stamped '15' on one end link.  Professionally tested as 15-carat gold throughout (tests show closer to 18-carat due to the high carat gilding)
    • Condition: Excellent antique condition


    Unless otherwise stated, any chains, jewellery boxes, and other items photographed with the listed piece are for advertising purposes only and not sold with this piece.

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