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British luxury jewellery brand Lucille London launches their jewellery recycling initiative and bullion refining services

Press release date: 11th January 2021

Lucille London has teamed up with bullion refining professionals in London’s renowned Hatton Garden to provide jewellery recycling and refining services on an international scale.  


The programme will aim to promote the recycling of jewellery and will support the sustainability policies already in place at Lucille London.

Gold Jewelry


Using recycled gold and silver produces fewer emissions than mining and reduces water consumption.

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What we do already

We have used 100% recycled gold since 2011 and we are a Fairtrade registered goldsmith since 2020.

Since their 2011 launch, Lucille London has used 100% recycled gold and silver in all their creations.  A Fairtrade registered jeweller since 2020, Lucille champions a sustainable jewellery industry and ensure their supply chain hold the same values.


Throughout her career, Lucille has worked with clients worldwide to repair, remodel, redesign and restyle client jewellery pieces and precious family heirlooms.  Offering an additional level of service to recycle unworn or unwanted jewellery items was the obvious next step to aid in a sustainable jewellery industry.


Lucille London has provided jewellery restyling services since 2014, using unworn jewellery from your personal collection to build your perfect piece: a future family heirloom.

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Jewellery recycling initiative

Launching in February 2021, Lucille London's jewellery recycling initiative offers customers the opportunity to recycle unworn or unwanted items of jewellery.  

Depending on the weight of the jewellery being recycled, the customer can choose to from a number of options, outlined below.


Choose a piece of jewellery from Lucille London’s made-to-order collection which will be made using recycled metal.


Receive bullion in a different form, such as a gold bar, or an ingot, made using the recycled metal.


Receive a voucher for use in the Lucille London store or to put towards a bespoke or custom design.


Donate your scrap metal or precious stones.

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